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Erasmia Lois

Dr. Erasmia Lois is a senior technical staff of RES/DRA. She has been working in the probabilistic risk assessment area for more than two decades. During the last few years her major technical activities are focusing on improving human reliability analysis (HRA) methods and practices. Activities include the use of simulator experiments for developing an empirical basis for benchmarking HRA methods, addressing issues related to the variability of HRA results due to the differences of methods or method implementation, addressing HRA needs for risk analysis of low power and shutdown plant modes. Dr. Lois is the project manager and co‐author of several HRA‐related NUREG reports including the HRA Good Practices (NUREG‐1792), the Evaluation of HRA Methods Against the HRA Good Practices (NUREG‐1842) and the International HRA Empirical Study ‐ Phase 1 report (NUREG/IA‐0216).

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