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Jacquelyn Yanch

Jacquelyn Yanch has spent almost thirty years working with ionizing radiation. She holds a masters degree from the Health and Radiation Physics program at McMaster University (Canada) and a doctorate from the University of London (UK) where doctoral research was performed at the Royal Marsden Hospital. Dr. Yanch spent 21 years on the faculty in the Nuclear Science and Engineering Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) where her research involved development and characterization of radiation sources, novel radiation therapies, experimental and calculational dosimetry, and radiobiological and medical imaging investigations. Dr. Yanch was a member of the MIT Radiation Protection Committee for 21 years and taught courses dealing with a broad range of radiation-related topics including interaction physics, radiation biophysics, dosimetry, health physics, and radiation detection; she was Chair of the Graduate Committee at the time of her resignation in June 2010. Dr. Yanch will hold a Visiting appointment at MIT and will continue to teach one class within her former department but has resigned from her position as Full Professor. She is currently President of Ioneyes, Inc., developing dosimetry tools and radiation dose tracking strategies for use in medical imaging and other irradiation scenarios.

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