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Joseph Kelly

Mr. Kelly (Joe) received his education from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with degrees in both mechanical and nuclear engineering. Upon graduation in 1977 he joined the Pacific Northwest Laboratory and worked in the areas of reflood heat transfer and two-phase flow modeling as a member of the development teams for the COBRA/TRAC reactor safety analysis code and the VIPRE subchannel analysis code. After 13 years at PNL, Mr. Kelly was privileged to receive a position as a visiting scientist with the Commissariat L’Energie Atomique where he worked as a member of the CATHARE development team. In his 14 years with the NRC, Joe has worked on both the code applicability program for RELAP5 application to the AP-600 design and the development of the TRACE system analysis code. His current activities include overseeing the development of the NRC’s evaluation model for the NGNP and supporting experimental programs such as the High Temperature Test Facility that is being constructed at Oregon State University.

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