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Jason Petti

Jason Petti is a Principal Member of the Technical Staff (PMTS) within the Structural and Thermal Analysis Department in the Nuclear Energy Safety Technologies group. Dr. Petti joined the staff at Sandia National Laboratories in January of 2004. The focus of his work centers around the application of finite element methods to perform assessments of structures and components related to the nuclear power and fossil fuel industries. His previous work at Sandia include the study of age-related degradation in nuclear power plant containment vessels for use in severe accident risk assessments (Principal Investigator), seismic assessments of spent nuclear fuel dry storage casks, studying the effects fire-induced thermal effects on reinforced concrete structures, assessing aircraft impact effects on existing and new nuclear plants (Principal Investigator), supporting NRC in license renewal procedures for the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant through containment stress and stability analyses (Principal Investigator), and providing support for Taiwanese regulator for assessing the stability of spent nuclear fuel casks during seismic events (included teaching short course in Taipei in 2007). Dr. Petti’s current projects include support for NRC in degraded containment research. Prior to joining Sandia, Dr. Petti obtained a BS, MS, and PhD in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering) from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1998, 2000, and 2004, respectively). At Illinois, he worked under Professor Robert H. Dodds, Jr. and the Computational Fracture Mechanics Research Group. As a Research Assistant from 1999 to 2004, Dr. Petti developed methodologies for characterizing the brittle fracture behavior of ferritic steels.

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