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Mirela Gavrilas

Mirela Gavrilas got her undergraduate degree in nuclear engineering at the University of Maryland College Park. She became a licensed senior reactor operator for the Maryland University Training Reactor in her sophomore year. Dr. Gavrilas obtained her Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from MIT in 1995. Her thesis and post-doctoral work were on passive heat removal in PWR containments. While in graduate school she authored a text on Safety Characteristics of Light Water Reactors of Western Design that was initially published by CRC Press and is still being used for MIT’s Nuclear Safety Course for industry professionals. Following her graduate studies, Mirela served on the University of Maryland faculty, where she directed the nuclear engineering undergraduate program and conducted research for several government and private organizations including the NRC. Mirela joined the NRC in 2004 and worked thermal-hydraulics and severe accident issues, as well as a novel approach to probabilistic safety margins. Since 2006, Mirela has been serving as branch chief in the Division of Safety Analysis on the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, and more recently in the Division of Engineering. In 2009, Mirela did a seven months detail in the Division of Component Integrity in the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. She is the author of record of the article on Nuclear Energy in the World Book Encyclopedia.

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