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Chester Gingrich

Chester Gingrich has been an NRC staff member since 1992 when he began his career as an analyst in the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research. Mr. Gingrich’s graduate work in computer code development for chemical process control and chemical process simulation provided a basis for understanding and using the nuclear system modeling codes developed by NRC. During his career at NRC, Mr. Gingrich has worked closely with a great number of severe accident analysis codes as well as thermal-hydraulic codes and, most recently, the thermal-hydraulic system code TRACE. In 1995, he developed a plan to address user interface improvements for NRC codes in response to a request made by the NRC regulatory offices. This plan eventually led to the development of the SNAP application. Mr. Gingrich has managed SNAP development since 1999 when the first Java implementation of SNAP was begun.

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