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John Gaertner

John Gaertner is a Technical Executive in the Plant Technology unit of the Nuclear Sector at EPRI. Mr. Gaertner is responsible for the Long Term Operations (LTO) Project. The LTO Project provides R&D for continued operation of the current nuclear plants worldwide at high performance levels through 60 years and beyond. Mr. Gaertner joined EPRI in 1983 as a Project Manager in the area of risk assessment and management. In this role, he advanced the application of risk assessment, reliability engineering, and asset management. In 1990, Mr. Gaertner left EPRI to serve as Vice President and Senior Vice President of ERIN Engineering. The company is a prominent provider of engineering services to the nuclear industry. Mr. Gaertner returned to EPRI in 1998. He was a technical contributor and Program Manager of the Safety Risk and Asset Management Programs Mr. Gaertner was then Senior Business Operations Manager for the Nuclear Sector. He was responsible for communicating and executing the sector business strategy, facilitating the EPRI advisory process, and maintaining the Nuclear Sector Strategic Plan. Mr. Gaertner has a BS from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and an MS from MIT. He has authored numerous technical publications and he serves on three ANS and ASME Standards committees in the area of risk assessment applications.

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