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Perry Pederson

I began my Government service at the age of 17 as a motion picture photographer for the U.S. Army. I transitioned from documentary film making to photogrammetry and data acquisition systems while working for the Army’s Test and Evaluation Command. I then ventured into private industry as a Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) at Intel, Iomega, First Security Bank, as well as several other organizations focused on improving their software development process. The events of 9/11 brought me back into Government service and I took a position at the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office in DoD. I then accepted an even greater challenge as the Director for the Control Systems Security Program at the Department of Homeland Security and the most noteworthy program I ran during my tenure was Aurora. Early in 2009 I accepted a position at the NRC at the same time the NRC was implementing a new Federal Regulation (10 CFR 73.54). Subsequent to the new Rule, the NRC published Regulatory Guide 5.71 and I contributed to its writing. I received the 2006 SANS Process Control / SCADA Security leadership Award and my extra curricular activities include; Governing Board of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, Co-Chair on the Roadmap Subgroup of the Industrial Control Systems Joint Working Group, and the pursuit of a Doctorate in Information Assurance.

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