United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Paul Rebstock

Mr. Rebstock has been working in Instrumentation and Controls for Nuclear Power for 37 years. He has been with the NRC for 9 years, having spent most of the previous 28 years on the other side of the regulatory table. He will confess to a one-year stint in manufacturing, but did come to his senses and beat a hasty retreat back home to nuclear power. He participated in the original I&C design work for the Callaway and Wolf Creek plants, and was sad to see Wolf Creek recently apply for and obtain a license to replace an “obsolete” electronic system that he designed and purchased for them ‘way back when. He says it wasn’t that old… More recently he served as the technical lead for the NRC’s Digital I&C Project Task Working Group on Communications, and was the principal author of ISG4, Interim Staff Guidance on that subject. The physics of measurement and quantitative inference have always been a primary professional interest for him, but lately he finds himself immersed in two other areas, statistical considerations in the selection of instrument setpoints, and digital I&C.

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