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T8 Adjudicatory Hearings—Public Access, Procedural Transparency, and Barriers to Entry

In this session, a panel of experienced lawyers from industry, the public sector, State, local, or Indian Tribe governments, and the NRC will explore practical issues associated with the NRC adjudicatory rules, the ability of the public to participate meaningfully in the hearing process, and the identification of any barriers to entry. Topics may include issues such as NRC’s proposed changes to the Part 2 regulations, contention admissibility, standing, pro se participation, interlocutory appeals, hidden traps for the unwary, special NEPA issues, participation as an interested governmental entity, the timing management of the adjudicatory process, and the public participation consequences of handing new reactor or license renewal issues versus site-specific adjudication.



Alex Karlin, Administrative Judge, NRC/ASLBP





SherVerne Cloyd, NRC/ASLBP, tel: (301) 415-6504, e-mail: Alex.Karlin@nrc.gov

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