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TH38 International Panel Discussion on Radionuclide Sources and Migration in the Subsurface

The NRC staff is actively surveying domestic and international regulatory programs for industry experiences in addressing releases involving subsurface migration at nuclear facilities. The topics include the formulation and testing of conceptual models that involve various radionuclide sources, quantitative performance assessments, compliance monitoring strategies, and the selection and application of remediation or corrective action methods related to groundwater protection. The panelists will address questions based on their practical experiences related to these topics. The emphasis will be on insights and recommendations from their experiences and the regulatory and research initiatives and guidance that resulted from this work.


Thomas Nicholson, Senior Technical Advisor for Radionuclide Transport, Division of Risk Analysis, NRC/RES





Wendy Reed, NRC/RES, tel: (301) 251-7965, e-mail: Wendy.Reed@nrc.gov

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