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TH31 Groundwater Protection

In response to incidents involving radioactive contamination of groundwater and soil at nuclear power plants, the NRC established the Groundwater Task Force to determine whether past, current, and planned actions should be augmented. The task force summarized its review in a report issued in June 2010. The report addressed the topics of (1) reassessing the regulatory framework for groundwater protection, (2) maintaining barriers as designed to confine licensed material, (3) creating more reliable response, and (4) strengthening trust. NRC senior management evaluated the findings of the report and considered the industry’s and the NRC’s ongoing initiatives, such as the Underground Piping and Tank Integrity Initiative, the Groundwater Protection Initiative, and the NRC Buried Piping Action Plan, as well as how groundwater issues are addressed internationally. Recently, NRC senior management provided its recommendations to the Commission regarding potential policy and regulatory changes.



Martin Virgilio, Deputy Executive Director for Reactor and Preparedness Programs, NRC/OEDO





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