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W22 Import/Export Considerations for NRC Licensees and International Counterparts

Recognizing today’s global supply chain for the manufacture of reactor components, this session will focus on issues associated with peaceful use commitments and nuclear nonproliferation-related policies and standards. Although a survey of reactors worldwide reveals that 60% are directly or indirectly based on U.S. technology, reactor components are manufactured all over the world. This has increased the number of actors in the international nuclear nonproliferation regime and has expanded the potential for government-to-government negotiations. Speakers will discuss recent issues relevant to this expanding arena and topics that U.S. industry will be encountering as importers of reactor components and equipment. Speakers from other countries will discuss their import/export processes that may be of interest to U.S. industries submitting applications, in order to better understand what can be expected. This session is relevant for regulators, policy makers and industry representatives from countries with new or growing nuclear power programs, who are interested in learning more about how the changes in the global supply chain may affect requirements for compliance. There will be time provided at the end of the session to ask questions.


  Margaret Doane, Office Director, Office of International Programs





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