Answers to Questions from FCIX 2011

During the FCIX 2011, there was considerable dialogue following the presentations, and there were a number of questions posed to the speakers.  The majority of the questions were answered during the FCIX.  However, due to the extensive number of questions in certain areas, not all questions were addressed at the FCIX.  The additional questions and the answers to them are provided below, arranged by panel and speaker.  Please note that answers to some questions from the FCIX are being internally reviewed and will be published on this page following approval.

Panel Speaker and Affiliation
Fuel Cycle Executive Leadership Victor McCree, NRC Region II
Emergency Preparedness and Incident Response No outstanding questions
Inspection and Oversight Tony Gody, NRC Region II
  Marvin Sykes (substitute for Heather Gepford), NRC Region II
  Manuel Crespo, NRC Region II
Regulatory Issues Sabrina Atack, NRC
Licensing Issues Diana Diaz-Toro, NRC
  Ken Kline, NRC
  Kevin Morrissey, NRC
  Jeff Reynolds, Global Nuclear Fuel-Americas/GE-Hitachi
Back End of the Fuel Cycle/Spent Fuel Issues No outstanding questions
Security No outstanding questions
International Safeguards Brian Horn, NRC
  Tom Grice, NRC
Non Specified – Miscellaneous Questions Various NRC Speakers and staff


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