Division of Spent Fuel Management Regulatory Conference 2014 (DSFM REG CON)


DSFM REG CON 2014 dates were Wednesday November 19 and Thursday November 20, 2014

The 4th Annual Division of Spent Fuel Management Regulatory Conference (DSFM REG CON) was held November 19-20, 2014, at the U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission Commissioner's Hearing Room, located at 11545 Rockville Pike in Rockville, Maryland. The DSFM REG CON continues to be held annually; with over one hundred-plus attendees representing government, industry, and other spent fuel industry stakeholders from the United States and other countries each year.

The DSFM REG CON was hosted by the Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards (NMSS), Division of Spent Fuel Management (DSFM). This event provided an opportunity for NRC staff, industry representatives, licensees, and other stakeholders to openly discuss regulatory issues of mutual interest, as they relate to spent fuel licensing, aging management, extended storage and transportation, stakeholder perspectives, inspections and operating experiences.


DSFM REG CON 2014 Package No. : ML14323B052

Presentations from Day 1: Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Panel 1: Licensing (Panel Chair: Jennifer Davis, DSFM/NRC)
Bios of the Panel 1 Speakers

  1. Risk Informing Spent Fuel Management (Matt Gordon, DSFM/NRC)
  2. Draft Regulatory Issue Summary (RIS) Considerations in Licensing High Burnup Spent Fuel (HBF) in Dry Storage and Transportation (Huda Akhavannik, DSFM/NRC)
  3. PRM 72-7 (Rod McCullum, NEI)
  4. Focused Licensing Improvements (John Nguyen, DSFM/NRC)

Panel 2: License Renewal (Panel Chair: Al Csontos, DSFM/NRC)
Bios of the Panel 2 Speakers

1. NUREG-1927, Rev. 1 (Ricardo Torres, DSFM/NRC)
2. Aging Management Programs (AMPs) (Darrell Dunn, DSFM/NRC)
3. Aging Management Programs (AMPs) (Don Shaw, TN AREVA)
4. Storage System Inspection for Renewals (Marlone Davis, DSFM/NRC)
5. NEI 14-03 (Brian Gutherman, Gutherman Technical Services)
6. Waste Confidence/Continued Storage – Status Update (Keith McConnell, NMSS/NRC)

Information Session #1:
Extended Storage & Transportation/Gap Analysis/DOE Research & Development
(Information Session #1 Chair: Emma Wong, DSFM/NRC)

Bios of the Information Session #1 Speakers

  1. Emma Wong, DSFM/NRC
  2. Hatice Akkurt, EPRI
  3. Dr. William Boyle, DOE

Information Session #2: Stakeholder Perspectives
(Information Session #2 Chair: Mark Lombard, DSFM/NRC)

Bios of the Information Session #2 Speakers

  1. Donna Gilmore of SanOnofreSafety.org
  2. State Delegate Sally Jameson of Maryland
  3. Tribal President Ron Johnson, PIIC

Presentations from Day 2: Thursday, November 20, 2014

Panel 3: Inspections/Operating Experience (OpE)
(Panel Chair: Rob Temps, DSFM/NRC)

Bios of the Panel 3 Speakers

  1. Dry Cask Stack-Up Seismic Stability (David Tang, DSFM/NRC)
  2. OpE Experiences
    1. Monticello (Mike Baumann, Xcel)
    2. Nondestructive Examination for Cask Closure Welds (Clyde Morell & Marlone Davis, DSFM/NRC)
    3. Voluntary Canister Inspection Results (Keith Waldrop, EPRI)
  3. Experience with the Cask Material Ductile Cast Iron (DCI) (Wolfgang Steinwarz, Siempelkamp)
  4. NEI 12-04, "Guidelines for 10 CFR 72.48 Implementation" Review Status (Ray Wharton, DSFM/NRC)

Panel 4: Technical Issues (Panel Chair: Meraj Rahimi, DSFM/NRC)
Bios of the Panel 4 Speakers

  1. Cladding Integrity (Bob Einziger, DSFM/NRC)
  2. High Burnup Fuel (John Kessler, EPRI)
  3. Thermal Modeling (Jorge Solis, DSFM/NRC)
  4. BWR Burnup Credit (Veronica Wilson, DSFM/NRC)
  5. Industry Perspectives (Kris Cummings, NEI)

Panel 5: Transportation (Panel Chair: Bernie White, DSFM/NRC)
Bios of the Panel 5 Speakers

1. 71.95 Reports (John Vera, DSFM/NRC)
2. Waste Control Specialists (WCS) (Scott Kirk, WCS)
3. Improvements & Current Challenges Associated with Non-SNF Type B Submissions (Mike Fuller, QSA)
4. Options for Transportation of Non-Spent Fuel Radioactive Waste/Components (Mark Coleman, AREVA)
5. NRC & DOT Transportation Rulemakings (Dan Huang, DSFM/NRC & Mike Conroy, DOT)

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