2012 Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation Regulatory Conference

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Date: Tuesday, September 12 to Thursday, September 13, 2012

Location: NRC Headquarters Two White Flint Auditorium

2012 Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation Regulatory Conference

The Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards is hosting a Regulatory Conference sponsored by the Division of Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation.  The staff is soliciting stakeholder participation to serve on panels and as presenters concerning regulatory issues in the areas of transportation and storage of nuclear material.

Day 1 topics include Operating Experience, focusing on the current and future industry programs for communicating, retaining, and addressing operating experience, Non-Spent Fuel Transportation where the focus would be on the regulatory challenges in the non-spent fuel transportation arena, and information sessions pertaining to NUREG-2150 and NUREG-2125.

Day 2 topics include High Burnup Fuel Storage and Transportation, focusing on the issues associated with the storage and transportation of high burnup spent nuclear fuel, regulatory compliance issues for both Part 71 and 72, and Technical Issues, focusing on the recent vacuum drying events and shielding issues associated with dry cask storage loading.

Participants included SFST management and staff, representatives from industry, and other stakeholders.

Final Agenda: (See Public Meeting Notice and Agenda)

List of 2012 SFST Regulatory Conference Biographies and Presentations

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