Meeting to Obtain Stakeholder Feedback on Enhancements to the Licensing and Inspection Programs for Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation (August 16–17, 2012)

The NRC staff is soliciting stakeholder input in identifying enhancements to the current licensing and inspection programs for storage and transportation of spent nuclear fuel under the requirements of 10 CFR Part 71 and 10 CFR Part 72. The staff is engaged in this activity as part of the project plan for program enhancements, as described in COMSECY-10-0007. The staff will use the information obtained from this meeting to enhance storage and transportation regulations in 10 CFR Parts 71 and 72, the associated guidance, and/or licensing and inspection processes. The staff held its first meeting on this topic in July 2011. For details regarding the meeting on August 16 –17, 2012, please see the following topics on this page:


August 16–17, 2012

Location and Remote Access Provisions

This meeting will be conducted at NRC Headquarters, Two White Flint North Building, Room T-2 B3.

Interested members of the public can participate in this meeting via a toll-free teleconference. The teleconference number for the meeting is 1-888-957-9860, and the participant pass code is 9896180#.

Interested members of the public can view the meeting presentation slides remotely on the internet via go-to meeting. Go-to meeting participants will need to call the teleconference number provided above, for audio access to the meeting. For August 16, the go-to meeting address is:, Meeting ID: 406-481-969. For August 17, the go-to meeting address is:, Meeting ID: 949-867-201. Meeting slides will also be available on this website before the meeting. Note that webcast will not be available for this meeting.

For additional details, please call the NRC meeting contact (Kristina Banovac, 301-492-3571).


See the Revised Meeting Notice and Final Agenda.

Issue Summaries

The meeting on August 16–17, 2012, will include discussion of the following issues, as described below:

The purpose of the following issue summaries is to present information on the background and current staff considerations in this area. These issue summaries do not represent an official agency position or present an interpretation of the NRC requirements.

Compatibility of Requirements for Storage and Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel (Retrievability, Cladding Integrity, and Safe Handling)

As part of its evaluation of integration and compatibility between storage and transportation regulations, the NRC staff is reviewing its policies and technical needs in several key areas, including retrievability and cladding integrity. The staff is evaluating NRC’ s requirements and policies for retrievability, cladding integrity, and fuel handling, including consistency of these requirements in the storage (10 CFR Part 72) and transportation (10 CFR Part 71) frameworks, with a focus on challenges with high-burnup fuel cladding. For more information, see the related issue summary .

Administration of Storage Certificates of Compliance (CoCs) and Amendments to CoCs

The NRC staff is reviewing the way we currently administer storage CoCs and amendments to CoCs, to determine if there are ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of regulating and implementing multiple design changes and future design changes to cask systems. This will include development of a process to allow changes to be made to existing CoCs or amendments. For more information, see the related issue summary.

Applicability, Compatibility, and Consistency of Spent Fuel Storage Requirements and Guidance for Specific Licensees, General Licensees, and Certificate of Compliance Holders

The NRC staff is reviewing the clarity, applicability, and consistency of storage requirements for specific licensees, general licensees, and CoC holders, including the organization of 10 CFR Part 72 and the “Applicability” mapping in 10 CFR 72.13. The staff is also reviewing the regulatory interface between 10 CFR Part 50 and Part 72, with regard to the general license for spent fuel storage, to determine if clarifications are needed. For more information, see the related issue summary.

Regulating Stand-Alone Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations (ISFSIs)

The NRC staff is reviewing the current regulatory framework and how it applies to stand-alone ISFSI sites. This will include a review of the regulatory framework for fuel handling capability for stand-alone ISFSI sites with no spent fuel pool, in light of future aging- management or repackaging needs without a repository site. The staff will also review the applicability of the general license framework to ISFSIs at sites that no longer have an operating reactor. For more information, see the related issue summary.

Inspection Program Review

In September 2011, the NRC staff completed a review of the inspection program for spent fuel storage and transportation activities and recommended improvements to increase efficiency and effectiveness. At the meeting on August 16-17, 2012, the staff will provide a status of implementation of the recommended improvements.

Presentation Materials

Meeting Transcript

See the Meeting Transcript of the August 16-17, 2012 meeting.

Meeting Summary

See the Meeting Summary of the August 16-17, 2012 meeting.

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