United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

USEC Inc. American Centrifuge Plant Application Review Schedule

NRC staff has developed the following license review schedule.

C = Completed

Date Action
10/7/04 C (NMSS) Issue acceptance/rejection letter
1/05 C (NMSS) Conduct EIS scoping meeting
2/05 C (NMSS) Complete safety and security reviews and issue RAIs
2/05 C (NMSS) Complete environmental review and issue RAIs
3/05 C (NMSS) Receive USEC Inc. responses to safety and security RAIs
8/05 C (NMSS) Receive USEC Inc. responses to environmental RAIs
4/05 C (NMSS) Issue EIS scoping summary report
9/05 C (NMSS) Issue draft EIS for public comment
9/05 C (NMSS) Conduct draft EIS public meeting
5/06 C (NMSS) Publish final EIS
9/06 C (NMSS) Publish final SER
3/07 C (NMSS) Begin ASLB oral hearings
4/07 C (NMSS) ASLB decision
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