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NRC Top Management Challenges

The Reports Consolidation Act of 2000 provides that the Inspector General of each Federal agency is to describe what he or she considers to be the most serious management and performance challenges facing the agency and assess the agency's progress in addressing those challenges. In accordance with the Reports Consolidation Act of 2000, the Inspector General prepared his annual assessment of the major management challenges confronting the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

Congress left the determination and threshold of what constitutes a most serious management challenge to the discretion of the Inspectors General. As a result, the Inspector General applied the following definition in preparing his statement:

    Serious management challenges are mission critical areas or programs that have the potential for a perennial weakness or vulnerability that, without substantial management attention, would seriously impact agency operations or strategic goals.

The most serious management challenges facing NRC may be, but are not necessarily, areas that are problematic for the agency. The challenges, as identified, represent critical areas or difficult tasks that warrant high-level management attention. For this year's report, the Inspector General identified seven management challenges considered to be the most serious. The most serious management challenges that follow are not ranked in any order of prominence.

Challenge 1: Management of regulatory processes to meet a changing environment in the oversight of nuclear materials.
Challenge 2: Management of NRC security programs.
Challenge 3: Management of regulatory processes to meet a changing environment in the oversight of nuclear facilities.
Challenge 4: Management of regulatory processes associated with high-level radioactive waste.
Challenge 5: Management of information technology.
Challenge 6: Administration of all aspects of financial management and procurement.
Challenge 7: Management of human capital.
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