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Iso-Tex Diagnostics (State of Texas)

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1.0 Site Identification

Type of Site: Complex Materials
Location: Houston, TX
License No.: RW-1937
Docket No.:
License Status: Expired

2.0 Site Status Summary

Located at 1511 County Road 129 (FM 2351) in Brazoria County several miles west of Friendswood, about 30 miles southeast of Houston, Texas.  The site encompasses approximately 1.7 acres, about half of which was used for burials of radioactive waste. The site is bounded on the east side by a residence, the west side by an industrial facility, to the north by a vacant lot, and Iso-Tex Diagnostics to the south. The licensee had acquired the property from Hastings Radiochemical Works which had pre-existing radioactive material/waste buried in an open unoccupied area in the rear.  There were no records of the material that was buried. Interviews with previous employees indicate that the waste disposed was from Hastings decommissioning and animal carcasses used in research. The burial area is suspected to contain Cs-137, Co-60, Ra-226, Am-241, H-3, and C-14. The site had multiple operations including waste processing and a waste storage facility. The license expired June 30, 1991. The licensee is not authorized to bury any additional radioactive material/waste at the site.  The licensee has fenced off the area (known as the "Back Property") containing the buried waste with restricted entry and, in general, maintains the ground surface clear of brush. The site has eight groundwater monitoring wells completed at roughly 20-25 feet, installed around the perimeter. The wells were installed in the late 1970's. The wells have been sampled annually by TCEQ for the last 12 years and by TDH-BRC prior to that since 1977. Sample results indicate tritium contamination in the groundwater above drinking water standards. The site is inspected each year for license compliance by TCEQ staff.

3.0 Major Technical or Regulatory Issues


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