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Beta Chem Laboratory (State of Kansas)

This site description was provided by the cognizant Agreement State, and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) makes no claim regarding the validity of the information provided. See our Site Disclaimer for more information.

1.0 Site Identification

Type of Site: Complex Materials
Location: Lenexa, KS
License No.: 25-C686-01
Docket No.:
License Status: Revoked

2.0 Site Status Summary

The site is located in Lenexa, KS in a unit of a multi-unit building in an industrial park. From 1993 to 2005 the licensee was authorized for and conducted synthesis of C-14 labeled compound as tracers for research. The site is an approximately 2000 square foot unit in a multi-unit building with an appliance store, an industrial machinery business and a toffee sales operation as adjacent tenants. The license was due for renewal in 2005 and after repeated attempts to obtain the required financial assurance and other information needed for the renewal failed, an inspection was performed. Extensive radioactive contamination was found during the inspection and an Emergency Order of Suspension of License was issued September 21, 2005. Between 2006 and 2012, KDHE attempted to compel the licensee to comply with the conditions of its license, the emergency order and consent agreements which the licensee had signed. The licensee continued to remain in non-compliance and on August 28, 2013, an "Emergency Order to Seize and Secure Radioactive Materials" was issued by KDHE to the licensee. Due to the presence of other hazardous materials in the laboratory materials and funding limitations, KDHE's Radiation Control Program seized the control of the building unit but did not conduct decontamination/decommissioning operations. On February 18, 2014, KDHE referred the Site to EPA's Superfund program to conduct a Site investigation and commence a time-critical response as appropriate to address the threat of release of wastes and abandoned chemicals currently in storage at the Site. Future actions by KDHE will be dependent on the completion of EPA's removal action.

3.0 Major Technical or Regulatory Issues

The major technical issue of this site is the extensive number (>1000) of labeled or unidentified hazardous chemical containers used in the synthesis of the licensee's product. Numerous containers are either unlabeled or the labels have been altered or defaced. Virtually all of them have some level of C-14 contamination of the containers.

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