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Technical References

Technical references related to digital instrumentation and controls (I&C) are listed below.

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NUREG Series Publications

Document Number Description
NUREG/CR-6303 Method for Performing Diversity and Defense-in-Depth Analyses of Reactor Protection Systems
NUREG/CR-6463 Review Guidelines on Software Languages for Use in Nuclear Power Plant Safety Systems
NUREG/CR-6680 Review Templates for Computer-Based Reactor Protection Systems
NUREG/CR-6812 Emerging Technologies in Instrumentation & Controls
NUREG/CR-6842 Advanced Reactor Licensing: Experience with Digital I&C Technology in Evolutionary Plants
NUREG/CR-6847 Cyber Security Self-Assessment Method for U.S. Nuclear Power Plants (not publicly available)
NUREG/CR-6848 Preliminary Validation of a Methodology for Assessing Software Quality
NUREG/CR-6888 Emerging Technologies in Instrumentation and Controls: An Update
NUREG/CR-6895 Technical Review of On-Line Monitoring Techniques for Performance Assessment
NUREG/CR-6901 Current State of Reliability Modeling Methodologies for Digital Systems and Their Acceptance Criteria for Nuclear Power Plant Assessments
NUREG/CR-6942 Dynamic Reliability Modeling of Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems for Nuclear Reactor Probabilistic Risk Assessments
NUREG/CR-6962 Traditional Probabilistic Risk Assessment Methods for Digital Systems
NUREG/CR-6985 A Benchmark Implementation of Two Dynamic Methodologies for the Reliability Modeling of Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems
NUREG/CR-6997 Modeling a Digital Feedwater Control System Using Traditional Probabilistic Risk Assessment Methods
NUREG/CR-7007 Diversity Strategies for Nuclear Power Plant Instrumentation and Control Systems
NUREG/GR-0019 Software Engineering Measures for Predicting Software Reliability in Safety Critical Digital Systems
NUREG/GR-0020 Embedded Digital System Reliability and Safety Analyses

Other Publications

Date Description
09/21/2010 BNL Technical Report, "Review of Quantitative Software Reliability Methods," BNL-94047-2010
11/19/2009 BNL Technical Report, "Workshop on Philosophical Basis for Incorporating Software Failures in a Probabilistic Risk Assessment," BNL-90571-2009-IR
04/26/2006 NRC Digital System Research Plan FY 2005–FY 2009

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