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Regulatory References

This page lists regulatory references related to digital instrumentation and controls (I&C).

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Inspection Guidance

Document Number Description
IP-52001 Digital Retrofits Receiving Prior NRC Approval
IP-52002 Digital Retrofits Not Receiving Prior NRC Approval

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Generic Letters

Document Number Description
GL 95-02 Use of NUMARC/EPRI Report TR-102348, Guideline on Licensing Digital Upgrades in Determining the Acceptability of Performing Analog-to-Digital Replacements under 10 CFR 50.59

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Information Notices

Document Number Description
IN 07-15 Effects of Ethernet-Based, Non-Safety Related Controls on the Safe and Continued Operation of Nuclear Power Stations
IN 07-08 Potential Vulnerabilities of Time-Reliant Computer-Based Systems Due to Change in Daylight Saving Time Dates
IN 03-14 Potential Vulnerability of Plant Computer Network to Worm Infection
IN 99-20 Contingency Planning for the Year 2000 Computer Problem
IN 99-12 Year 2000 Computer Systems Readiness Audits
IN 98-30 Effect of the Year 2000 Computer Problem on NRC Licensees and Certificate Holders
IN 96-62 Potential Failure of the Instantaneous Trip Function of General Electric RMS-9 Programmers
IN 96-56 Problems Associated with Testing, Tuning, or Resetting of Digital Control Systems While at Power
IN 94-20 Common-Cause Failures Due To Inadequate Design Control and Dedication
IN 94-04 Digital Integrated Circuit Sockets with Intermittent Contact
IN 93-75 Spurious Tripping of Low-Voltage Power Circuit Breakers with GE RMS-9 Digital Trip Units
IN 93-57 Software Problems Involving Digital Control Console Systems at Non-Nuclear Reactors
IN 93-49 Improper Integration of Software into Operating Practices

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Regulatory Issue Summaries

Document Number Description
RIS 2002-22 Use of EPRI/NEI Joint Task Force Report, 'Guideline on Licensing Digital Upgrades: EPRI TR-102348, Revision 1, NEI-01-01: A Revision of EPRI TR-102348 to Reflect Changes to the 10 CFR 50.59 Rule'

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