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Form to Propose a Generic Issue (GI)


The Generic Issue Program is managed by the Regulatory Guidance and Generic Issues Branch in the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research. The submitter should review the Generic Issues Program Web Site to understand the criteria that will be used by staff to screen a proposed issue.

Please follow the steps/instructions below and submit the online form when it is complete. Alternately, you can fill out the NRC Form 833, then email it to GIP.Resource@NRC.gov or send by US Mail to US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Generic Issues Program, Washington, DC 20555-0001, Mail Stop C-2C07M.

Please contact a NRC Generic Issues Program representative for assistance in completing this form if needed.

If you believe an issue is an immediate safety concern, or identifies an inadequacy associated with NRC regulated activities at a licensee or other regulated party, you should instead report the issue through the procedures listed on the "Report a Safety or Security Concern" page.

Name or Person Submitting Request:

Office/Division/Branch (for NRC staff only):

Date of Request:


E-Mail Address:

Mailing Address:



ZIP/Postal Code:



Describe the situation, condition, cause and significance of occurrence or adverse consequence by providing as much detail as practical. Identify the current regulatory requirements or guidance or describe why this proposed issue is not addressed by existing regulations and guidance. Provide a basis for your statements if available or indicate that it is your opinion or belief, as applicable. (Use as much space as needed, maximum length of 10000 characters)

Describe why the issue should be processed as a GI. Please provide your input on the following: The issue can have its risk or safety significance adequately determined or estimated; issue may affect public health, safety, common defense and security, or environment; issue applies to two or more plants; issue is not being addressed by other regulatory processes; issue will likely result in actions by licensees; or issues may result in new or revised regulation, policy, or guidance. (Use as much space as needed, maximum length of 10000 characters)

Identify source(s) of information or references for the proposed GI (self, NRC process, research, other). (Use as much space as needed, maximum length of 10000 characters)


Please submit completed form, by clicking below button “Submit Form”.


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