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Office of New Reactors

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Director: Frederick Brown
Deputy Director:
Michael King (Acting)

Responsible for accomplishing key components of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's nuclear reactor safety mission for new reactor facilities licensed in accordance with 10 CFR Part 52. As such, NRO is responsible for regulatory activities in the primary program areas of siting, licensing and oversight for new commercial nuclear power reactors, to protect the public health, safety, and the environment and to promote the common defense and security. Works with the regions and other offices to accomplish the agency mission.

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Division of Engineering, Safety Systems, and Risk Assessment

Director: (Vacant)
Deputy Director: Robert Caldwell

Performs engineering-related safety reviews of new reactor applications for design certification, combined licenses, construction oversight, and pre-application activities. Provides technical expertise to support regional activities, special projects, international programs, rulemaking, regulatory, and policy activities. Reviews may be performed in support of topical reports, consensus standard changes, or new reactor designs.

Performs technical reviews focused on safety-related and non-safety-related systems, probabilistic risk assessment {PRA), design basis and severe accidents, core physics, and core thermal hydraulic performance for new reactor plant designs, license applications and amendments, and construction oversight. DESR provides technical support and expertise for special projects, programs, and policy activities; and develops and implements policies and guidance for the use of PRA and associated analyses in regulatory decision making for new reactors.

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Division of Licensing, Siting, and Environmental Analysis

Director: Robert Taylor
Deputy Director: Anna Bradford
Deputy Director: Andrew Campbell

Leads, manages, and facilitates design certification (DC), early site permit (ESP), and combined license (COL) application reviews, including new reactor pre-application activities. Responsible for the project management of these applications in addition to being responsible for completing the environmental portion of ESP and COL application reviews. Develops and maintains the necessary regulatory infrastructure to support issuance of ESPs. Develops and maintains the necessary technical and programmatic support for new reactor licensing activities, interaction with stakeholders on issues pertaining to both large, light-water and small modular reactors. Interacts with stakeholders on issues related to new reactor licensing, siting, and environmental activities including Congress, the Commission, the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS), applicants, and other stakeholders.

Responsible for the preparation and management of the environmental impact statements in conducting siting reviews. Coordinates review activities and hearing support for all environmental issues required by 10 CFR Parts 51 and 52 that are used for the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review of environmental impacts of prospective nuclear power plant sites. Participates in the preparation for applications, coordinates and manages the NEPA review with internal and external stakeholders, and manages the hearing support for the environmental evaluation of a proposed site. Conducts technical monitoring, provides direction to environmental review team members (staff and contractors), and coordinates with the Office of General Counsel {OGC) in preparing environmental impact statements.

Leads, develops, manages, and facilitates the development of guidance for all activities involving the licensing of new and small modular reactor (SMR) nuclear power plants for the Office of New Reactors, including leading stakeholder interactions on issues pertaining to new reactor and SMR guidance. Manages the internal guidance developed to support the licensing process, such as Standard Review Plans, Regulatory Guides, Generic Topical Reports, lessons learned implementation, Interim Staff Guidance, and Office Instructions.

Develops policy and provides overall program management and planning for the construction inspection program for new commercial nuclear power plants. Coordinates with Region 11, the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, and other offices on program implementation, including licensee performance assessment, allegations, and enforcement activities. Implements programs and procedures to systematically assess and coordinate the follow-up of construction related issues, and recommends corrective plant-specific and generic actions. Assesses the adequacy of facility personnel training programs and emergency operating procedures.

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Division of Advanced Reactors

Director: John Monninger
Deputy Director: (Vacant)

Manages advanced reactor design reviews including pre-application activities and applications for design certification, early site permit, combined license, construction permit, and operating license. Develops the risk-informed and performance-based regulatory infrastructure for advanced reactors. Institutes transformational change to enable the efficient and effective licensing of advanced reactors. Performs technical licensing reviews focused on engineering, systems analysis, and consequences of advanced reactors. Leads the development and resolution of policy issues for all activities involving the licensing of advanced reactors.

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