Commissioner Hanson's Meetings and Events

Commissioner Hanson publishes a monthly list of meetings with external stakeholders such as licensee representatives and non-government organizations. The list below does not include meetings with the NRC staff, U.S. or foreign government officials, or public Commission meetings noticed elsewhere on the NRC website.

YEARS: 20212020


January  •

January 2021

Date Meeting Location
01/15/21 Meeting with STARS Alliance Virtual
01/12/21 Meeting with Helion Energy Virtual

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December 2020

Date Meeting Location
12/16/2020 Meeting with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Virtual
12/14/2020 Meeting with Oklo, Inc. Virtual
12/11/2020 Meeting with General Atomics Virtual
12/08/2020 Meeting with TerraPower Virtual
12/04/2020 Meeting with Atlantic Council Global Energy Center Virtual

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November 2020

Date Meeting Location
11/25/2020 Meeting with EnergySolutions Virtual
11/24/2020 Meeting with Decommission Plant Coalition Virtual
11/18/2020 Meeting with National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners Virtual
11/13/2020 Meeting with Nuclear Energy Institute Virtual
11/10/2020 Remarks: Nuclear Energy Institute Legal Advisory Committee Virtual

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October 2020

Date Meeting Location
10/30/2020 Meeting with Southern Nuclear Operating Company, Inc. Virtual
10/28/2020 Visited North Anna Nuclear Generating Station Mineral, VA
10/26/2020 Meeting with Third Way Virtual
10/26/2020 Meeting with Bayer Virtual
10/21/2020 Remarks: Japan Atomic Energy Agency 4th Symposium on U.S./Japan Nuclear Energy Research Cooperation Virtual
10/14/2020 Meeting with Energy Northwest Virtual
10/08/2020 Meeting with the Organization of Agreement States and the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors Virtual
10/02/2020 Tour: Naval Reactors Washington, DC
10/02/2020 Meeting with American College of Radiology Virtual
10/01/2020 Visited Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Lusby, MD

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September 2020

Date Meeting Location
09/23/2020 Meeting with Nuclear Energy Institute Virtual
09/18/2020 Tour: National Institute of Standards and Technology Center for Neutron Research Gaithersburg, MD
09/16/2020 Meeting with Kairos Power Virtual
09/11/2020 Meeting with Holtec International Virtual
09/11/2020 Meeting with Exelon Generation Company, LLC Virtual
09/10/2020 Meeting with Lucerno Dynamics Virtual
09/02/2020 Meeting with D.C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant Virtual

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August 2020

Date Meeting Location
08/31/2020 Meeting with Framatome, Inc. Virtual
08/27/2020 Meeting with Nuclear Strategic Issues Advisory Committee Steering Group Virtual
08/26/2020 Meeting with Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, Dr. Rita Baranwal Washington, DC
08/25/2020 Meeting with Nuclear Energy Institute Virtual
08/25/2020 Meeting with Good Energy Collective Virtual
08/19/2020 Meeting with Union of Concerned Scientists Virtual
08/18/2020 Meeting with Commonwealth Fusion Systems Virtual
08/14/2020 Meeting with Representative Mike Levin Virtual
08/13/2020 Meeting with Senator Tom Carper Virtual
08/11/2020 Remarks: American Nuclear Society Utility Working Conference Summit Virtual
08/11/2020 Meeting with Oklo, Inc. Virtual

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July 2020

Date Meeting Location
07/21/2020 Meeting with American Society for Radiation Oncology Virtual
07/17/2020 Meeting with Nuclear Energy Institute Virtual
07/16/2020 Meeting with NextEra Energy Virtual
07/13/2020 Meeting with Southern Nuclear Company Virtual
07/10/2020 Meeting with U.S. Congressman Salud Carbajal Virtual

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June 2020

Date Meeting Location
06/30/2020 Meeting with EnergySolutions Virtual
06/25/2020 Meeting with Nuclear Energy Institute Virtual
06/17/2020 Meeting with Waste Control Specialists Virtual

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