Site visit - Surry

This Weeks Meetings

Meeting with TerraPower

Event Date: 03-22-2023
Location: Rockville, MD

Site visit - University of Maryland Research Reactor

Event Date: 10-20-2017
Location: College Park, MD


Meeting with the Nuclear Strategic Issues Advisory Committee

Event Date: 10-12-2017
Location: Washington, DC


  • Provide remarks and answer questions at the advisory committee meeting

Meeting with Fuel Cycle Facility Representatives and Nuclear Energy Institute

Event Date: 09-27-2017
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Introductions
  • Discuss NRC’s fuel cycle regulatory program and specific related initiatives

Meeting with Westinghouse

Event Date: 09-25-2017
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Organizational update
  • Status of international and domestic AP1000 projects
  • Exemption request for extending the AP1000 renewal period
  • Update on recovery actions at the Columbia facility
  • Accident tolerant fuel

Meeting with Nuclear Energy Institute

Event Date: 08-16-2017
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Discuss risk initiatives
  • Digital instrumentation and control
  • Accident tolerant fuel
  • Subsequent license renewal
  • Security
  • Advanced reactor licensing

Meeting with Tennessee Valley Authority

Event Date: 06-21-2017
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Fleet status update

Meeting with American Electric Power Company

Event Date: 06-15-2017
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Discuss plant updates
  • 2016 performance and 2017 priorities

Meeting with Exelon

Event Date: 06-09-2017
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Discuss plant status
  • Physical security
  • Risk initiatives
  • Reactor Oversight Process-related issues

Meeting with Entergy

Event Date: 06-01-2017
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Discuss the status of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

Site visit - St. Lucie

Event Date: 05-25-2017
Location: Jensen Beach, FL


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