Meeting with Waste Control Specialists (WCS)

This Weeks Meetings

Meeting with Third Way

Event Date: 12-01-2022

Site visit - Beaver Valley

Event Date: 05-06-2019
Location: Shippingport, PA


Meeting with Exelon

Event Date: 04-29-2019


  • Discussion of Reactor Oversight Process
  • Risk-informed decision making
  • Physical security
  • Open phase conditions

Meeting with FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company

Event Date: 04-25-2019
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Status update on the fleet

Meeting with Southern California Edison

Event Date: 04-17-2019
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Introductions and status update on decommissioning of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

Site visit - Vogtle

Event Date: 04-10-2019
Location: Waynesboro, GA


Meeting with National Mining Association

Event Date: 04-04-2019
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Discuss uranium recovery projects and groundwater protection

Meeting with Southern Nuclear Operating Company

Event Date: 04-04-2019
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Discuss Vogtle 3 & 4 updates
  • Accident tolerant fuel
  • Digital instrumentation and control

Meeting with NuScale Power

Event Date: 04-01-2019
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Update on the status of NuScale design certification application review and corporate activities
  • Discussion of the Licensing Modernization Project

Meeting with Nuclear Energy Institute

Event Date: 03-21-2019
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Update on industry initiatives
  • Perspective on Reactor Oversight Program

Meeting with Decommissioning Plant Coalition

Event Date: 03-20-2019
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Discussion of spent fuel and Greater-Than-Class C disposal
  • Decommissioning Rulemaking
  • NRC’s Transformation initiative
  • Dry-cask storage

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