Meeting with Southern Nuclear Operating Company

This Weeks Meetings

Meeting with Holtec International

Event Date: 03-30-2023
Location: Rockville, MD

Meeting with National Mining Association

Event Date: 03-30-2023
Location: Rockville, MD

Site visit - Prairie Island

Event Date: 04-14-2022
Location: Welch, MN


Meeting with Energy Northwest

Event Date: 03-24-2022
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Plans for future reactor application

Meeting with ClearPath and Third Way

Event Date: 03-17-2022
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Advanced reactor rulemaking

Meeting with Westinghouse

Event Date: 02-23-2022


  • Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility
  • Accident Tolerant Fuel
  • eVinci micro-reactor
  • Future AP1000 activities

Site visit - Virgil C. Summer

Event Date: 02-17-2022
Location: Jenkinsville, SC


Meeting with Oklo, Inc.

Event Date: 02-15-2022


  • Aurora application
  • Status of future applications

Meeting with the Organization of Agreement States and the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors

Event Date: 02-08-2022


  • Two-person rule for industrial radiography
  • Emergency planning for small modular reactors rulemaking
  • Power reactor decommissioning rulemaking
  • Financial assurance for Category 1 and 2 sources rulemaking

Meeting with EnergySolutions

Event Date: 01-31-2022


  • Decommissioning of Zion, LaCrosse, San Onofre, Ft. Calhoun, and TMI Unit 2
  • Low-Level Waste and Greater-Than-Class-C Rulemaking
  • Decommissioning Funds for Major Component Disposal
  • Risk-Informed Decision-Making for Decommissioning

Meeting with NuScale Power

Event Date: 01-28-2022


  • Design Certification Final Rule
  • Topical Report on Emergency Planning Zones
  • Standard Design Approval Applications
  • Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) Combined License Application

Meeting with Helion Energy

Event Date: 01-25-2022


  • Update on Helion Technology
  • Regulatory Framework for Fusion

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