Meeting with NuScale Power

Meeting with Arizona Public Service

Event Date: 03-02-2020
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Introduction of new Chief Nuclear Officer
  • Palo Verde plant status
  • Discussion of the Arizona Public Service new Clean Energy Commitment

Meeting with non-governmental organizations

Event Date: 02-26-2020
Location: Washington, DC


  • Discuss current NRC issues

Site visit - Indian Point

Event Date: 02-20-2020
Location: Buchanan, NY


Meeting with Southern Nuclear Operating Company

Event Date: 01-16-2020
Location: Rockville, MD


Site visit - Virginia Hospital Center

Event Date: 01-10-2020
Location: Arlington, VA


Meeting with Xcel Energy

Event Date: 01-08-2020
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Plant performance update
  • Corporate updates
  • Subsequent license renewal
  • Use of new technologies at reactors
  • Hydrogen production demonstration

Meeting with the Nuclear Strategic Issues Advisory Committee

Event Date: 12-11-2019
Location: Washington, DC


  • Provide remarks and answer questions at the advisory committee meeting

Meeting with Oklo, Inc

Event Date: 12-10-2019
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Status update on application preparation and logistics
  • Discuss upcoming meeting with the NRC staff on external hazards and safety case related to Oklo’s potential design

Meeting with Nuclear Energy Institute

Event Date: 12-06-2019
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Discuss the upcoming December 11 Nuclear Strategic Issues Advisory Committee (NSIAC) meeting
  • New reactor licensing process

Meeting with Energy Northwest

Event Date: 12-03-2019
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Discuss the results of a recently study on the viability of new and existing commercial nuclear power facilities, including small modular reactors, in Washington State

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