Meeting with Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)

This Weeks Meetings

Meeting with Holtec International

Event Date: 03-30-2023
Location: Rockville, MD

Meeting with National Mining Association

Event Date: 03-30-2023
Location: Rockville, MD

Meeting with Energy Solutions

Event Date: 06-30-2020


  • Decommissioning of Zion and LaCrosse
  • Very Low-Level Waste
  • Decommissioning Funds for Major Component Disposal
  • Risk-Informed Decision-Making for Decommissioning

Meeting with Exelon

Event Date: 06-23-2020


  • NRC Transformation Efforts
  • Force-on-Force Inspections

Meeting with Waste Control Specialists

Event Date: 06-17-2020


  • Greater-Than-Class C and very low-level radioactive waste

Meeting with Oklo, Inc.

Event Date: 05-28-2020


  • Update on Aurora application submittal and NRC acceptance audit

Meeting with American Society for Radiation Oncology

Event Date: 04-20-2020


  • Training and Experience Requirements for Radiopharmaceuticals (10 CFR Part 35)

Meeting with Nuclear Energy Institute

Event Date: 04-14-2020


  • Pandemic preparations
  • Fees
  • NEI report on plant performance

Meeting with Southern Nuclear Operating Company

Event Date: 04-02-2020


  • Discuss the proposed Licensing Modernization Project for non-light water reactors
  • The concept of frequency-consequence targets
  • Risk assessment development and defense-in-depth framework for non-light water reactors

Meeting with Arizona Public Service

Event Date: 03-02-2020
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Introduction of new Chief Nuclear Officer
  • Palo Verde plant status
  • Discussion of the Arizona Public Service new Clean Energy Commitment

Meeting with non-governmental organizations

Event Date: 02-26-2020
Location: Washington, DC


  • Discuss current NRC issues

Site visit - Indian Point

Event Date: 02-20-2020
Location: Buchanan, NY


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