Meeting with non-governmental organizations

This Weeks Meetings

Meeting with TerraPower

Event Date: 03-22-2023
Location: Rockville, MD

Meeting with Tennessee Valley Authority

Event Date: 07-21-2015
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Update on Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Unit 2

Meeting with Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)

Event Date: 07-16-2015
Location: Washington, DC


  • Introductory meeting with NEI members' staff who work in intergovernmental
  • Congressional affairs

Meeting with Pacific Gas & Electric

Event Date: 07-14-2015
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Plant overview and current status of license renewal
  • Implementation of Fukushima lessons learned
  • Other regulatory initiatives

Meeting with Nuclear Energy Institute

Event Date: 06-26-2015
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Cumulative effects on regulation
  • Fukushima follow-up actions
  • Security (cyber and physical)

Visit to Region II

Event Date: 06-02-2015
Location: Atlanta, GA


Site visit - Vogtle

Event Date: 06-01-2015
Location: Waynesboro, GA


Meeting with Nuclear Innovation North America

Event Date: 05-28-2015
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Status of the STP 3 & 4 Project

Meeting with Decommissioning Plant Coalition

Event Date: 05-20-2015
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Independent spent fuel storage installation security matters
  • Emergency preparedness and decommissioning fund matters
  • Decommissioning rule-making
  • Spent fuel storage

Meeting with Spectrum

Event Date: 05-20-2015
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Medical use of byproduct material
  • Training and experience requirements for alpha and beta emitter products

Meeting with American Electric Power Company

Event Date: 05-15-2015
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Units 1 and 2 refueling outages
  • 2014 performance
  • 2015 priorities

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