Meeting with Duke Energy

This Weeks Meetings

Meeting with Kairos Power

Event Date: 10-05-2022
Location: Rockville, MD

Meeting with NextEra Energy

Event Date: 10-05-2022
Location: Rockville, MD

Meeting with Westinghouse

Event Date: 02-09-2021


  • Update on Westinghouse’s COVID-19 response
  • Advanced Reactor design work
  • AP1000 updates
  • Status of remediation efforts at the Columbia fuel fabrication facility (South Carolina)

Meeting with STP Nuclear Operating Company

Event Date: 02-08-2021


  • COVID-19 site response
  • Upcoming outage work
  • Digital instrumentation
  • Views on NRC risk initiatives

Meeting with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Event Date: 01-14-2021


  • Update on activities of locals

Meeting with Helion Energy

Event Date: 01-12-2021


  • Introduction to Helion’s technology

Meet with Nuclear Energy Institute

Event Date: 12-02-2020


  • NRC Strategic Plan
  • Updates on COVID-19 response

Meeting with EnergySolutions

Event Date: 11-19-2020


  • Current status of the San Onofre Generating Station and Fort Calhoun decommissioning projects
  • Decommissioning rulemaking
  • Very Low-Level Waste
  • Part 61 and Greater-than-Class-C waste
  • Risk-informing decommissioning guidance

Meeting with Oklo Inc.

Event Date: 11-19-2020


  • Status of potential future applications
  • The role of the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards in the review process

Meeting with Southern Nuclear Operating Company

Event Date: 10-30-2020


  • Status of Vogtle 3 & 4 construction
  • COVID-19 response
  • Overall status of the operating fleet

Meeting with Bayer

Event Date: 10-19-2020


  • Training and experience requirements for authorized users

Meeting with the Organization of Agreement States and the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors

Event Date: 10-08-2020


  • Two-person rule for industrial radiography
  • Training resources
  • Interactions with states on reactor issues

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