Meeting with Alliance for Nuclear Accountability

This Weeks Meetings

Meeting with non-governmental organizations

Event Date: 01-31-2023
Location: Washington, DC

Meeting with NuScale Power

Event Date: 11-17-2016
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Discuss the results of the NRC staff's readiness assessment of NuScale's design certification application and NuScale's efforts to complete its application.

Meeting with Entergy

Event Date: 11-15-2016
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Discuss fleet health and performance improvement plan
  • Grand Gulf

Meeting with URENCO USA

Event Date: 11-04-2016
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Discuss the proposed final rule for Part 61 governing disposal of low-level radioactive waste

Attend the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations CEO Conference

Event Date: 11-01-2016
Location: Atlanta, GA


Meeting with Waste Control Specialists

Event Date: 10-20-2016
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Discuss current activities
  • Potential Federal disposal facility and future work
  • Timeliness of Greater-Than-Class C examination
  • Compact facility update
  • Introduction of Mike Ford

Meeting with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

Event Date: 10-12-2016
Location: Rockville, MD


  • Discuss PG&E’s decision not to pursue license renewal for Diablo Canyon, decommissioning plans, status of activities regarding baffle-former bolts, and fuel fabrication
  • Risk-informed initiatives
  • Recent NRC inspections

Site visit - Virgil C. Summer

Event Date: 10-11-2016
Location: Jenkinsville, SC


Meeting with Southern Nuclear Operating Company

Event Date: 10-07-2016
Location: Rockville, MD


  • General fleet update

Visit to AREVA Old Forest Road facility

Event Date: 09-28-2016
Location: Lynchburg, VA


Visit to BWX Technologies

Event Date: 09-27-2016
Location: Lynchburg, VA


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