Review of NUREG-0654, Supplement 3, "Criteria for Protective Action Recommendations for Severe Accidents" - Focus Groups and Telephone Survey (NUREG/CR-6953, Vol. 2)

In Fall 2008, the NRC published NUREG/CR 6953, Vol. 2, a study that reviewed the public's tendencies regarding the implementation of protective actions, such as evacuation and sheltering in place. The study involved focus groups, which helped guide the development of a phone survey. The telephone survey was then randomly administered to 821 households in communities located within 10 miles of nuclear power plants across the country.

Generally, the survey indicated that the population is well informed about what do in a nuclear power plant emergency. More than 75 percent of those surveyed remembered receiving emergency planning information, and the majority of these residents kept the information handy. In addition, most said they would implement protective actions if asked. However, the study found that the content of the protective action message affects the rate of public compliance. The study also found that many parents will go to schools to pick up children, even if told they are already being evacuated, and that planning for "special needs" persons who do not reside in special facilities should be expanded. The NRC is studying the results and plans to revise its protective action recommendation (PAR) guidance, in conjunction with FEMA. State, local, and other stakeholders will be provided the opportunity for comment on proposed changes to PAR guidance.

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