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Informational Materials on High-Level Waste Disposal

Several posters and information sheets are available. Some posters are two-sided and address a single topic or idea. One side of these posters graphically displays the information. The other side provides additional written information on the topic. These posters were originally printed on 11 x 17 paper; thus printing the files to most printers may cause the readability of the poster to be reduced. Other posters are only one-sided and consist of a graphic image.

Posters and Information Sheets Available, by Topic:

Proposed High-Level Waste Repository Site at Yucca Mountain, located on federal land in Nye county in southern Nevada, approximately 160 km (100 miles) northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Roles of Federal Agencies involved at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Two-sided Poster:

Role of the NRC in the Site Recommendation Process

Role of the NRC in the Environmental Impact Statement

Opportunities for Public Involvement

Two-sided Poster:

Performance Assessment - a tool that can be used for understanding how well an underground repository retains high-level radioactive wastes

Two-sided Poster:

The Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses (CNWRA) -- established in 1987 as a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to resolve technical and regulatory issues related to a geologic repository for high-level nuclear waste.

Two-sided Poster:
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