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Public Meetings for Reactors Decommissioning Sites for 2005

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Date Description

Meeting with NRC staff, CY staff, and EPA staff re: Status Update of Connecticut Yankee's Ground Water Remediation and Monitoring Programs

09/15/2005 Meeting with Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company to Discuss the Status of Groundwater Remediation and Monitoring Activities at the Haddam Neck Plant, License No. DPR-51
02/16/2005 Meeting with Sacramento Muncipal Utility District
02/16/2005 Summary of the February 16, 2005, Meeting between the Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff and Sacramento Municipal Utility District regarding the Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station License Termination Plan
01/19/2005 Forthcoming Meeting with Pacific Gas and Electric Co. to discuss the Humboldt Bay Unaccounted Fuel Investigation
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