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Public Meetings for Complex Materials Decommissioning Sites for 2006

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Date Description
12/12/2006 Forthcoming Public Scoping Meeting for the Environmental Review of the Sheldalloy Metallurgical Corporation Decommissioning Plan
12/05/2006 Forthcoming Public Information Meeting for the Decommissioning Review of the Shieldalloy Metallurgical Corporation Decommissioning Plan
11/15/2006 Meeting with Malinckrodt to Discuss Phase II D&D - Dose Assessment
11/15/2006 Mallinckrodt Inc. and U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Management Meeting on the Decommissioning of the Mallinckrodt Facility Located in St. Louis, Missouri
10/17/2006 Public meeting between NRC and Westinghouse Electric Company to discuss decommissioning of the Hematite Facility in Festus, Missouri
10/17/2006 Meeting between The Nuclear Regulatory Commission Staff and The Westinghouse Management on the decommssioning of the Hematite Facility located in Festus, MO
10/12/2006 To discuss placement of monitoring wells at Jefferson Proving Ground
10/12/2006 Supplemental Information Potentially Relevant And Material to Proceeding in the Matter of the U.S. Army and the Jefferson Proving Ground Site
10/12/2006 Meeting with Jefferson Proving Grounds Staff to Discuss Plans for Monitoring Wells
07/10/2006 Closed Meeting with Westinghouse Electric Company LLC (WEC) to Discuss Proposed Changes to the Hematite Physical Security Plan Regarding Subsurface Activities and Decommissioning
03/09/2006 Meeting Between U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Staff and Shieldalloy Metallurgical Corporation to Discuss Revision 1 of the Decommissioning Plan for the Shieldalloy Site in Newfield, New Jersey
03/09/2006 Meeting with Shieldalloy Metallurgical Corporation to Discuss the Newfield Facility Decommissioning Plan Deficiencies and Decommissioning Path Forward
02/15/2006 Meeting with FMRI to Discuss Resolution of Notice of Violation of License Condition 45
02/15/2006 Meeting with FMRI and NRC to Discuss Resolution of Notice of Violation of License Condition 45

Mallickrodt: Meeting Summary Notes

01/24/2006 Meeting with Mallinckrodt, Inc. to Discuss Mallinckrodt's Phase II Decommissioning Plan Dose Modeling Approach
01/18/2006 Pre-Application License Meeting with the Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC to Discuss Criticality Requirments of Materials License No. SNM-33
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