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Install the IBM Forms™ Viewer for Your Web Browser

The electronic submissions systems requires the Viewer only if you choose to work off-line or to save your submission on your local computer. This software is available at no cost.

Note to current users who have Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System: Windows 7 requires the use of an updated Forms Viewer. The upgraded Viewer is available through the link below. In order to install the new Viewer, you first need to 'uninstall' your current Viewer and then follow the instructions below.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Click on the Download the IBM Forms™ Viewer install program.

  2. A File Download – Security Warning window will appear. Click on the Run button.

  3. An Internet Explorer – Security Warning window will open. Click on the Run button.

  4. An IBM Forms™ Viewer window will appear. Click on the Yes button.

  5. The IBM Forms™ Viewer Setup window will appear. Click on the Next button.

  6. The Software License Agreement window will appear. Read the agreement. Click on the Accept button.

  7. The Choose Destination Location window will then appear. Accept the default destination folder (C:\Program Files\IBM\Forms Viewer\8.0) by clicking on the Next button.

  8. A Select Program Folder window will appear. Accept the default (Accessories) within the Existing Folders, by clicking on the Next button.

  9. A status bar will appear to alert you that installation is in progress. Allow this to run.

  10. When the installation is complete, the InstallShield Wizard Complete window appears:

  11. To use the Workplace Forms ™ Viewer, ensure "Launch the application" is selected (☑). Click on the Finish button.

  12. A Help Information window appears. Review the information for helpful tips about the use of the Workplace Forms ™ Viewer.

  13. Close the Help Information window by clicking on the Close button, located in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

  14. The Viewer has now been successfully installed. The EIE application will invoke the viewer as required.
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