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Concept of Operations for the License Verification System (LVS)

The ultimate vision for the License Verification System (LVS) is to create a fully automated system capable of providing confirmation of whether a transferee's license authorizes receipt of the type, form, and quantity of radioactive materials to be transferred. LVS will handle requests for validation functions, which will work in much the same way as the approval process for a credit card purchase. In other words, when a merchant verifies a credit card, the only information returned is whether the transaction is approved or not. Similarly, LVS will receive the validation request, examine information available from both the Web-Based Licensing (WBL) System and National Source Tracking System (NSTS), and provide a response indicating whether a license is valid and a pending purchase is within the bounds of the licensee's possession limits and inventory.

In order to achieve full automation, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has developed a phased approach for this system:

  1. In the short-term, license verification is accomplished manually by the user through access to official electronic license-image files and verification that the requested materials are within the licensee's authorized possession limits for Category 1 and 2 sources. The LVS also queries the inventory in NSTS and determines whether the licensee has exceeded its possession limit, and tracks verification requests to avoid data mining. License verification under the short-term strategy is currently available as of May 2013. For additional details, see the Conceptual Overview of the License Verification Process.
  2. The long-term strategy envisions a fully automated license verification capability, in which the system will provide information regarding whether a license is valid and whether a transfer is allowed based on the licensee's possession limits and inventory. License images will be available to the verifying entity to support the verification. Before automated license verification can proceed, licensing needs to be standardized across the NRC and Agreement States.
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