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I.M.P.A.C. Credit Card Holders

GSA SmartPay2 Credit Card Holders

Appendix A provides a listing of the NRC's Small Purchasing Department addresses and their respective managers. Appendix B provides a listing of the authorized GSA SmartPay2 credit card holders. The headquarters mailing address, listed on Appendix A, is applicable for all individuals identified on Appendix B except where an individual is reflected as being located in a specific Regional office.

Individual room and phone numbers can be obtained from the NRC telephone directory at http://www.nrc.gov/about-nrc/contactus/phone-directory.html.

Appendix A - Small Purchasing Department Addresses/Managers

Region I
William M. Dean, Administrator
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
475 Allendale Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406-1415
(610) 337-5000
FAX: (610) 337-5324

Region II
Victor McCree, Administrator
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Marquis One Tower
245 Peachtree Center Avenue, NE, Suite 1200
Atlanta, GA 30303-1257
(404) 997-4000
FAX: (404) 997-4900

Region III
Mark A. Satorius, Administrator
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
2443 Warrenville Road, Suite 210
Lisle, IL 60532-4352
(630) 829-9500
FAX: (630) 515-1078

Region IV
Elmo E. Collins, Jr., Administrator
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
612 E. Lamar Boulevard, Suite 400
Arlington, TX 76011-4125
(817) 860-8100
FAX: (817) 860-8210

Virginia Huth, Director
Division of Contracts
Office of Administration
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555
(301) 492-3600
FAX (301) 492-3438

NRC Technical Training Center
Mark Miller, Deputy Associate Director
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Osborne Office Center
5746 Marlin Rd., Suite 200
Chattanooga, TN 37411-5677
(423) 855-6500
FAX: (423) 855-6543

(As of 5/25/2011)

Appendix B - Approving Official/Cardholders

(As of 06/20/2011)

Office Approving Official Cardholder Holder or Writer
ACRS/ ACNW Jamila Perry Angelina Chapeton Cardholder
ACRS/ ACNW Jamila Perry Avinash Jaigobind Cardholder
ADM Donald King Adelis Rodriguez Cardholder
ADM Helen Chang Beverly Martin Cardholder
ADM Rodney Jarvis Bruce Ridgely Cardholder
ADM Kala Shankar Christine Kundrat Cardholder
ADM Rodney Jarvis Consuela Nicholas Cardholder
ADM Jan Dambly Deanna Clarke Cardholder
ADM Darlene Fenton Floretta Gibbs Cardholder / Check Writer
ADM Linda Schneider Gene Wood Cardholder
ADM Bahman Rawhani Gregory Chicca Cardholder / Check Writer
ADM Stephen Pool James Leedom Cardholder
ADM David Hummerick Jeffrey Curtis Cardholder / Check Writer
ADM Donald King Jeffrey Mitchell Cardholder
ADM Jan Dambly Jennifer Flack Cardholder
ADM James Heck Joanna Lilley Cardholder
ADM David Humerick JoAnne Thweatt Cardholder
ADM Richard Ellsbury Karen Cudd Cardholder
ADM Sheila Bumpass Mike Mills Cardholder
ADM Sharon Stewart Stephen Pool Cardholder
ADM Andrew Pretzello Susan Cusseaux Cardholder / Check Writer
ADM David Humerick Theodore Stansbury Cardholder
ADM Helen Chang Theresa Barczy Cardholder
ADM David Humerick Timothy Poland Cardholder
ADM Stephen Pool Valerie Whipple Cardholder
ADM David Humerick Wanda Jones Cardholder
ADM Rodney Jarvis William  Herron Jr Cardholder
ADM Linda Schneider Woody Machalek Cardholder
ASLBP Jack Whetstine Sharon Marks Cardholder
COM3 Belkys Sosa Kathleen Blake Cardholder
CSO Patrick Howard Rhonda Hopkins Cardholder
EDO James Andersen Melissa Wyatt Cardholder
FSME Melissa Ash James Thomas Cardholder
FSME Deborah Neff Julie Ward Cardholder
FSME Deborah Neff Lindsey Redden Cardholder
FSME Melissa Ash Paula Dorm Cardholder
HR Mike Atsalinos Cassandra Cole Cardholder
HR Mike Atsalinos James Janis Cardholder
HR Mike Atsalinos Reinaldo Picon-Colon Cardholder
NMSS Pamela Easson Darlene Negrin Cardholder
NMSS Pamela Easson Davoud Feizollahi Cardholder
NMSS Pamela Easson Eileen Schultz Cardholder
NMSS Pamela Easson Kelly Riner Cardholder
NRO Janine Dehn Barbara Whitaker Cardholder
NRO Janine Dehn Laverne D. Ortiz Cardholder
NRO Janine Dehn Noble S Green, Jr. Cardholder
NRO Janine Dehn Sherrie Taylor Cardholder
NRR TaJuan Gorham Alice Katoski Cardholder
NRR TaJuan Gorham Barbara Jenkins Cardholder
NRR ToJuan Gorham Doris Twigg Cardholder
NRR Tojuan Gorham Lauren Claggett Cardholder
NRR Tojuan Gorham Makeeka Compton Cardholder
NRR Tojuan Gorham Olga Benjumea Cardholder
NSIR Susan Harvey Deani Riffle Cardholder
NSIR Susan Harvey Elaine Raphael Cardholder
NSIR Susan Harvey Karen Jackson Cardholder
NSIR Susan Harvey Linda Williamson Cardholder
NSIR Susan Harvey Roxanne Wray Cardholder
OCA Amy Powell Nancy Belmore Cardholder
OCAA Brooke Poole MaryAnn Warner Cardholder
OCFO Richard Rough Andree DuBose Cardholder
OCFO Richard Rough Basia Sall Cardholder
OCFO Mona Williams Beverly Roberts Check Writer
OCFO Richard Rough Edward New Cardholder
OCFO Mona Williams Gita Patel Check Writer
OCFO Mona Williams Shirley Price Check Writer
OE Andrew Campbell Mary Glenn Crutchley Cardholder
OE Andrew Campbell Patricia Nibert Cardholder
OE Andrew Campbell Russell Arrighi Cardholder
OGC Mickey Tenaglia Bert Lee Cardholder
OGC Mickey Tenaglia Deborah Pulley Cardholder
OGC Mickey Tenaglia Janet Smercak Cardholder
OI David Krupnick Lena Boyd Cardholder
OI David Krupnick Natasha Harris Cardholder
OI David Krupnick Nicole Crouch Cardholder
OIG Deborah Huber Paulette Bosco Cardholder
OIG Rossana Raspa John Lee Cardholder
OIG Deborah Huber Lynn Fort Cardholder
OIG Rossana Raspa Malion Bartley Cardholder
OIG Stephen Dingbaum Jane Kreuter Cardholder
OIG Rossana Raspa Wendy D’Souza Cardholder
OIP Joan McDevitt Janine Armstrong Cardholder
OIP Joan McDevitt Linda Mitchell Cardholder
OIP Joan McDevitt Robin Barnes Cardholder
OIS Joan Hoffman Alex Pena Cardholder
OIS Joseph Turner Angela Harper Cardholder
OIS William Szyperski Antonio Wilkins Cardholder
OIS Myron Kemerer Arthur Davis Cardholder
OIS Paul Gallien Bebbie Rhodes Cardholder
OIS Russell Nichols Becky Wood Cardholder
OIS David Cullison Caryn Faircloth Cardholder
OIS Arthur Smith Gloria Saint Cardholder
OIS Jack Montgomery Harvey Spiro Cardholder
OIS William Szyperski Helen Hughes Cardholder
OIS Paul Gallien Karen  Danoff Cardholder
OIS Paul Banas Kenneth Dunbar Cardholder
OIS Joan Hoffman Kenny Nguyen Cardholder
OIS David Cullison Norma J. Fry Cardholder
OIS Joseph Turner Rozier Carter Cardholder
OIS Wilfred Madison Scott Anstine Cardholder
OIS Deborah Armentrout Tony Conti Cardholder
OIS Joseph Turner Tracey Osband Cardholder
OIS David Cullison Wanda Wood Cardholder
OPA Elizabeth Hayden Brenda Akstulewicz Cardholder
OPA Elizabeth Hayden David McIntyre Cardholder
OPA Elizabeth Hayden Valerie Shannon Cardholder
RES Neha Dhir Deonna Purdie Cardholder
RES Nehi Dhir Nadja Isakovic Cardholder
RGN I David Rule Christine O’Rourke Cardholder
RGN I David Rule Rebecca Barr Cardholder / Check Writer
RGN I David Rule Teresa McCullough Cardholder / Check Writer
RGN I David Rule Wanda Brewer Cardholder
RGN II Clinton McGill Alice Shepard Cardholder
RGN II Clinton McGill Angela Southerland Cardholder
RGN II Clinton McGill Beverly Rutherford Cardholder / Check Writer
RGN II Judy Coleman Clinton McGill Cardholder
RGN II Clinton McGill Edward Walker Cardholder
RGN II Clinton McGill Felecia Mathis Cardholder / Check Writer
RGN II Sean Flynn Felecia Rodgers Cardholder
RGN II Clinton McGill James Hunter Cardholder
RGN II Clinton McGill V. Karol Swain Cardholder
RGN III Mark Rubic Beverly Hicks Cardholder
RGN III Roger Doornbos Cheryl Hausman Cardholder
RGN III Shirley Bayliff Michael Pope Cardholder / Check Writer
RGN III Shirley Bayliff Rowlene Wendoll Cardholder / Check Writer
RGN III Roger Doornbos Thomas Magee Cardholder
RGN IV Lora Nute-Blackshear Barbara Martin Cardholder / Check Writer
RGN IV Lora Nute-Blackshear Harold McKelvey Cardholder
RGN IV Lora Nute-Blackshear Marisa Herrera Cardholder / Check Writer
SBCR Corenthis Kelley Brian Sentz Cardholder
TTC Mark Miller Jan Patterson Cardholder / Check Writer
TTC Mark Miller Sharon Roberson Cardholder / Check Writer
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