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Research and Test Reactors (Division 2): Regulatory Guides 2.1 - 2.6

This page lists the number, title, publication date, and revisions for each regulatory guide in Division 2, "Research and Test Reactors," with references to draft guides and related documents (where applicable).

See also Draft Regulatory Guides for Division 2.

See NRC Regulatory Guides for more general information.

Reviewed (last column on table) means that the NRC has reviewed these guides and has determined that they are acceptable for continued use. The NRC encourages suggestions from stakeholders regarding any Regulatory Guide or development of new guides at any time. Suggestions received in this manner will be reviewed upon receipt, but will be fully evaluated during the next periodic review of the affect guides. Currently, Regulatory Guides are reviewed on a 5 year basis. In certain cases, a Regulatory Guide will be looked at before the 5 year period has passed.

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Title Rev. Publish
2.1 Shield Test Program for Evaluation of Installed Biological Shielding in Research and Training Reactors
(Withdrawn -- See 74 FR 26893, 06/04/2009)
W 06/2009  
-- 05/1973  
2.2 Development of Technical Specifications for Experiments in Research Reactors -- 11/1973 05/2013
2.3 Quality Verification for Plate-Type Uranium-Aluminum Fuel Elements for Use in Research Reactors 2 05/2013  
1 07/1976  
-- 09/1975  
2.4 Review of Experiments for Research Reactors
(Withdrawn -- See 77 FR 36017, 06/15/2012)
W 09/2013  
0-R 05/1977 08/2012
-- 07/1976  
2.5 Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Research and Test Reactors 1 06/2010  
0-R 10/1977  
-- 05/1977  
2.6 Emergency Planning for Research and Test Reactors 1 03/1983 09/2012
-- 01/1979  
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