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No. I-07-057   November 5, 2007
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The Nuclear Regulatory Commission began a follow-up team inspection into security issues at the Peach Bottom nuclear power plant earlier today. A four-member Augmented Inspection Team (AIT) is expected to be at the Exelon-operated facility in Delta (York County), Pa., throughout the week.

A separate AIT review by the NRC occurred in late September. That inspection was launched by the agency promptly after video recordings of inattentive security officers at the plant came to light. Through that inspection, the NRC confirmed there had been multiple occasions on which multiple security officers were inattentive. However, the NRC also determined that the plant’s security program was not significantly degraded as a result.

Given that the focus of the AIT was fact-finding, the purpose of the AIT follow-up review being conducted this week is to assess Exelon’s root-cause analysis of the inattentiveness issues and to determine if its corrective actions in response are sufficient to prevent a recurrence. The inspection team includes specialists from the NRC’s Region I Office in King of Prussia, Pa., its Region IV Office in Arlington, Texas, and its headquarters in Rockville, Md.

Other NRC reviews of the Peach Bottom security issues are continuing. Consideration of appropriate enforcement action will be undertaken upon completion of all of these reviews.

“The follow-up inspection activity at Peach Bottom underscores our commitment to thoroughly evaluate any deficiencies that may exist in the plant’s security program and to ensure the issues are being properly addressed,” Region I Administrator Samuel J. Collins said. “Let me emphasize again that we have zero tolerance for inattentiveness on the part of any nuclear power plant security officer.”

On Nov. 1, Peach Bottom transitioned from a security program run by a contractor, Wackenhut, to one operated by Exelon.

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