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OIG Reports: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) – FY 2014 Index

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A recommendation can have a status of:

  • Unresolved – Proposed corrective actions are inadequate or nonresponsive.
  • Resolved – Proposed corrective actions are responsive, but not yet complete.
  • Closed – Corrective actions are responsive and considered by OIG to be complete or staff rationale for taking no action is considered to be acceptable.
Report Title Date Number Status of Recommendations
Audit of NRC’s Communications Security Program 09/29/2014 OIG-14-A-21 09/02/2015
Audit of NRC'S Sequestration Process 09/15/2014 OIG-14-A-20 07/14/2015
Audit of NRC's Process for Revising Management Directives 09/15/2014 OIG-14-A-19 11/25/2014
Audit of NRC's Method for Retaining and Documenting Information Supporting the Yucca Mountain Licensing Process 07/23/2014 OIG-14-A-18 No Recommendations
Audit Of NRC's Freedom Of Information Act Process 06/16/2014 OIG-14-A-17 08/03/2015
Audit of NRC’s Oversight of Reciprocity Licensees 05/22/2014 OIG-14-A-16 No Recommendations
Audit of NRC’s Cyber Security Inspection Program for Nuclear Power Plants 05/07/2014 OIG-14-A-15 No Recommendations
Audit of NRC's FY13 Compliance With the Improper Payments Elimination & Recovery Act of 2010 04/08/2014 OIG-14-A-14 No Recommendations
Transmittal of the Independent Auditors' Report on the Condensed Financial Statements 03/31/2014 OIG-14-A-13 No Recommendations
Survey of NRC's Support Provided to Resident Inspectors 03/18/2014 OIG-14-A-12 09/28/2015
Audit of NRC'S Implementation of the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act For Fiscal Year 2013 02/25/2014 OIG-14-A-11 No Recommendations
Audit of NRC's Process For Addressing Bankruptcy of Materials Licensees 01/16/2014 OIG-14-A-10 Final Action Completed
Audit of NRC's Implementation of Its National Environmental Policy Act Responsibilities 12/24/2013 OIG-14-A-09 01/21/2015
Audit of NRC's Use of the NEWFlex Program 12/19/2013 OIG-14-A-08 09/28/2015
Independent Auditors' Report on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Closing Package Financial Statements as of September 30, 2013 and 2012, and for the Years then Ended 12/17/2013 OIG-14-A-07 No Recommendations
Results of the Audit of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Financial Statements for FY13 & FY12 12/09/2013 OIG-14-A-06 No Recommendations
Audit of NRC’s Full-Time Telework 12/11/2013 OIG-14-A-05 12/04/2014
Audit of NRC's Information Technology Governance 12/09/2013 OIG-14-A-04 03/23/2015
Independent Evaluation of NRC's Implementation of the Federal Information Security Management Act for Fiscal Year 2013 11/22/2013 OIG-14-A-03 01/14/2014
Audit of NRC’s Oversight of Active Component Aging 10/28/2013 OIG-14-A-02 09/21/2015
Inspector General's Assessment of the Most Serious Management and Performance Challenges Facing NRC 10/02/2013 OIG-14-A-01 No Recommendations
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