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OIG Reports: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) – FY 2000 Index

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Report Title Date Number
NRC's Efforts to Protect Its Critical Infrastructure: Presidential Decision Directive 63 09/29/2000 OIG-00-A-02
Review of NRC's Differing Professional View/Differing Professional Opinion Program 09/20/2000 OIG-00-A-07
Special Evaluation of the Role and Structure of NRC's Executive Council 08/31/2000 OIG-00-E-09
NRC's Response to the February 15, 2000 Steam Generator Tube Rupture at Indian Point Unit 2 Power Plant 08/29/2000 OIG-00-03S
Review of NRC's Spent Fuel Pool Inspection Program at Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants 08/16/2000 OIG-00-A-01
Review of NRC's Audit Follow-Up System 08/14/2000 OIG-00-A-05
Review of the Basis for the Structure of NRC's CISSCO Program 06/08/2000 OIG-00-A-03
Review of the Development and Implementation of STARFIRE 06/29/2000 OIG-99-A14
Review of NRC's Operator Licensing Program 06/08/2000 OIG-99-A15
Special Evaluation of Best Practices in Implementing Managerial Cost Accounting 04/24/2000 OIG-00-E-06
Special Evaluation of the Status of NRC's Website 04/20/2000 OIG-00-E-08
Review of NRC's Controls Over Work Performed Under CISSCO 03/14/2000 OIG-99A-13
Review of NRC's Implementation of the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act for Fiscal Year 1999 03/09/2000 OIG-00A-04
Independent Auditor's Report and Principal Statements of the Year Ended September 30, 1999 02/28/2000 OIG-99A-12
Senior management Support Needed to Ensure Timely Implementation of the LSN 02/17/2000 OIG-99A-07
Controls Over TDY Travel Reimbursements are Generally Adequate 02/04/2000 OIG-99A-18
Review of NRC's Decommissioning Fund Program 02/01/2000 OIG-99A-16
Special Evaluation of the Role and Structure of NRC's Commission (See also: Commission Response to this Evaluation) 12/23/1999 OIG-99E-09
NRC's License Fee Development Process Needs Improvement 12/14/1999 OIG-99A-01
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