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OIG Reports: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) – FY 1999 Index

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Report Title Date Number
Review of Expenses Associated with Furnishing, Redecorating, Purchasing Furniture, or Making Improvements to Commission Offices 07/21/1999 OIG-99A-08
Review of NRC's Separation-Clearance Process for Exiting Staff and Contractors 07/20/1999 OIG-99A-06
Review of NRC's Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS) Project 05/07/1999 OIG-99A-04
The SRA Program Could Provide More Benefits 05/26/1999 OIG-99A-03
Review of NRC's Implementation of the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act for Fiscal Year 1998 03/03/1999 OIG-99A-11
Independent Auditors Report and Principal Statements for Years Ended September 30, 1998 03/01/1999 OIG-98A-09
Review of NRC Controls to Prevent the Inadvertant Release of Sensitive Information 02/03/1999 OIG-98A-16
NRC Staff's Handling of Harassment and Intimidation (H&I) Complaints at Millstone 12/31/1998 OIG-99-01S
NRC Should Reconsider the Methodology and Implementation of the Management Control Program 12/09/1998 OIG-98A-08
NRC's Year 2000 Efforts Regarding Its Internal Systems 11/17/1998 OIG-98A-11
NRC's License Renewal Program 11/13/1998 OIG-98A-13
Review of NRC Representation Funds 10/09/1998 OIG-98A-17
Review of NRC's Control Over the PC Refresh Program 10/09/1998 OIG-98A-07
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