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OIG Reports: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) – FY 1998 Index

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Report Title Date Number
NRC's Efforts with Licensees on the Year 2000 Issue 08/14/1998 OIG-98A-10
Review of the NRC's Development of Core Research Capabilities 08/06/1998 OIG-98E-12
Followup Review of the NRC's Process for Issuing and Tracking Notices of Enforcement Discretion (NOED) 07/30/1998 OIG-98A-06
Review of the Project Manager Position in the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation 07/13/1998 OIG-97A-21
NRC Safety Culture and Climate Survey 06/25/1998 OIG-97A-16
Procurement Streamlining Measures Implemented: Improvements Can Be Made 06/10/1998 OIG-98A-03
Allegation of Sunshine Act and Ex Parte Communication Violations by NRC Commissioners 05/27/1998 OIG-98-02S
Review of NRC's Contracting Activities 05/18/1998 OIG-98A-02
Survey of NRC's Assistance Programs Under the Foreign Assistance Act for the New Independent States of the Former Soviet Union 04/24/1998 OIG-98A-01
Additional Measures Needed to Enhance NRC's Rulemaking Process 03/13/1998 OIG-98E-04
Results of the Audit of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Fiscal Year 1997 Financial Statements 02/13/1998 OIG-97A-17
Review of NRC's Implementation of the Federal Manager's Financial Integrity Act for Fiscal Year 1997 02/09/1998 OIG-98A-05
Opportunities for Savings Available in Information Management Activities 01/29/1998 OIG-97A-22
Public's Concerns with NRC Report of Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) at Maine Yankee 01/26/1998 OIG-97-03S
Public's Concerns with Millstone Independent Corrective Action/Verification Program (ICAVP) 01/13/1998 OIG-97-05S
Survey of NRC/EPA Issues Regarding Radiation Standards 12/18/1997 OIG-97A-14
Little Harbor Consultants' Involvement in Resolution of Employee Complaints at Millstone Power Station 11/27/1998 OIG-98-03S
NRC's Effort to Document Compliance with the New Time and Attendance System is Lacking 10/23/1997 OIG-97A-18
Valuable Lessons Can Be Learned from the Regulatory Transition of the Gaseous Diffusion Plants 10/20/1997 OIG-97E-19
State of Maine Involvement in the NRC Independent Safety Assessment of Maine Yankee Atomic Power Station 10/17/1997 OIG-97-02S
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