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Closed Generic Issues (within the Past Five Years)

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Document Number Description

Potential Safety Issues with Cranes That Lift Spent Fuel Casks


Spent Fuel Pool Leakage Impact


Small-Break Loss-of-Coolant Accident With Loss of Offsite Power

GI-200 Tin Whiskers
GI-198 Hydrogen Combustion in PWR Piping

Boral Degradation


Susceptibility of Ice condenser and Mark III Containments to Early Failure from Hydrogen Combustion During a Severe Accident


Potential Risk and Consequences of Heavy Load Drops in Nuclear Power Plants


Multiple Steam Generator tube Leakage

GI-156.6.1 Pipe Break Effects on Systems and Components
GI-NMSS-0014 Surety Estimates for Groundwater Restoration at In-Situ Leach Facilities
GI-NMSS-0007 Criticality Benchmarks Greater Than 5% Enrichment

For historical background, see NUREG-0933, "Resolution of Generic Safety Issues".

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