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Regulatory Issue Summaries - 2009

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Document Number Title Revision Publish Date Reviewed Date
RIS-09-15 National Source Tracking System Annual Inventory Reconciliation -- 12/03/2009 --
RIS-09-14 Licensing Approach For Uranium In Situ Recovery Facility Applications -- 11/05/2009 --
RIS-09-13 Emergency Response Data System Upgrade From Modem to Virtual Private Network Appliance -- 09/28/2009 --
RIS-09-12 Uranium Recovery Policy Regarding Site Preparation Activities At Proposed, Unlicensed Uranium Recovery Facilities -- 09/23/2009 --
RIS-09-11 Preparation and Scheduling of Operator Licensing Examinations W 81 FR 31969
RIS-09-10 Communications Between The NRC And Reactor Licensees During Emergencies And Significant Incidents -- 06/19/2009 --
RIS-09-09 Use of Multiple Dosimetry and Compartment Factors in Determining Effective Dose Equivalent From External Radiation Exposures -- 07/13/2009 --
RIS-09-08 Process For Test Controls Associated With Performing Initial Validity Tests And Drug Tests Described In 10 CFR Part 26, Subpart F -- 11/18/2009 --
RIS-09-07 Status Update For The Implementation Of NRC Regulatory Authority For Certain Naturally Occurring And Accelerator-Produced Radioactive Material -- 05/07/2009 --
RIS-09-06 Importance of Giving NRC Advance Notice of Intent to Pursue License Renewal -- 06/15/2009 --
RIS-09-05 Uranium Recovery Policy Regarding: (1) The Process For Scheduling Licensing Reviews of Applications For New Uranium Recovery Facilities And (2) The Restoration Of Groundwater At Licensed Uranium In Situ Recovery Facilities -- 04/29/2009 --
RIS-09-04 Steam Generator Tube Inspection Requirements -- 04/03/2009 --
RIS-09-03 Process For Scheduling Acceptance Reviews Of New Reactor Licensing Applications After April 2009 and Process For Determining Budget Needs For Fiscal Year 2011 -- 02/12/2009 --
RIS-09-02 Use of Containment Atmosphere Gaseous Radioactivity Monitors as Reactor Coolant System Leakage Detection Equipment at Nuclear Power Reactors 1 05/08/2009 --
-- 01/29/2009 --
RIS-09-01 Not Issued -- -- --

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