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Recent NRC Generic Communications - 2002

Issue Date Description
05/10/2002 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-07: Clarification of NRC Requirements Applicable to Worker Fatigue and Self-Declarations of Fitness-for-Duty
05/01/2002 NRC Information Notice No. 2002-016: Intravascular Brachytherapy Misadministrations
04/16/2002 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-06: Evaluating Occupational Dose for Individuals Exposed to NRC-licensed Material and Medical X-rays
04/12/2002 NRC Information Notice No. 2002-15: Hydrogen Combustion Events in Foreign BWR Piping
04/12/2002 NRC Information Notice No. 2002-11: Recent Experience with Degradation of Reactor Pressure Vessel Head
04/08/2002 NRC Information Notice No. 2002-14: Ensuring a Capability to Evacuate Individuals, Including Members of the Public, from the Owner-Controlled Area
04/08/2002 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-05: NRC Approval of Boiling Water Reactor Pressure Vessel Integrated Surveillance Program
04/07/2002 NRC Information Notice No. 2002-10: Nonconservative Water Level Setpoints on Steam Generators
04/04/2002 NRC Information Notice No. 2002-13: Possible Indicators of Ongoing Reactor Pressure Vessel Head Degradation
03/01/2002 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-04: Results of the Pilot Test of the Proposed Changes to the Unplanned Scrams Performance Indicator and the Scrams with Loss of Normal Heat Removal Performance Indicator
02/13/2002 NRC Information Notice No. 2002-09: Potential for Top Nozzle Separation and Dropping of a Certain Type of Westinghouse Fuel Assembly
01/31/2002 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-03: Changes to NRC Participation in the International Nuclear Event Scale
01/30/2002 NRC Information Notice No. 2002-08: Pump Shaft Damage Due to Excessive Hardness of Shaft Sleeve
01/28/2002 NRC Information Notice No. 2002-07: Use of Sodium Hypochlorite for Cleaning Diesel Fuel Oil Supply Tanks
01/18/2002 NRC Information Notice No. 2002-06: Design Vulnerability in BWR Reactor Vessel Level Instrumentation Backfill Modification
01/17/2002 NRC Information Notice No. 2002-05: Foreign Material in Standby Liquid Control Storage Tanks
01/16/2002 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-02: Lessons Learned Related to Recently Submitted Decommissioning Plans and License Termination Plans
01/14/2002 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-01: Changes to NRC Participation in the International Nuclear Event Scale
01/10/2002 NRC Information Notice No. 2002-04: Wire Degradation at Breaker Cubicle Door Hinges
01/10/2002 NRC Information Notice No. 2002-03: Highly Radioactive Particle Control Problems During Spent Fuel Pool Cleanout
01/08/2002 NRC Information Notice No. 2002-02: Recent Experience with Plugged Steam Generator Tubes
01/08/2002 NRC Information Notice No. 2002-01: Metalclad Switchgear Failures and Consequent Losses of Offsite Power
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